How does buying/downloading on this site work?

Firstly, in order to make any purchase or receive any download, you must register under “My Account” (in the upper left of any screen unless you scroll down a bit and see the site logo shrink. In that case scroll back towards the top of the page and the menu will appear.) once you click on “My Account” you will see both “LOGIN” and “REGISTER”.  If it’s your first time here please fill in the fields in the “REGISTER” section.

Once you have an account you now have under “My Account” a column of buttons/fields listing from top to bottom: “Dashboard”, “Orders”, “Downloads”, “Address”, “Account Details” (where you would do a password change if needed) and “Logout”.

Once you have made a purchase(s) the field you want is likely to be “Downloads”.  Go there and download away!

You will also receive an email from this site (but the above method is faster) with links so be sure to check your spam folder and mark this as not-spam.

Please NOTE: You will have to be logged in to use the “Contact” form.  This is necessary to avoid spammers.