“In the right hands, sound recordings can become rare, fantastic treasures.  Peter Michael Sullivan combines technical savviness with a very personal passion for discovering the sounds of our world.  As a film sound designer, I’ve come to realize the range of sounds is endless, and that great recordings are priceless.  Not only do great recordings make great sounding movies, they make us viscerally aware of the rich array of sounds around us.  This one-of-a-kind library represents many years of widely searching for, and carefully preserving, unique moments in time and place.  There is much to explore in it.”

-Gary Rydstrom, Skywalker Sound

“I don’t usually do reviews of products so much, though I am quite a serious fan of sound libraries… So, I present my review of Peter Michael Sullivan’s initial release for his new sound effects library site Spirit Of Sound Effects:

“His first release is a very substantial re-mastering of his original iconic Thunder recordings which first made it into the public realm on his Signature Series of CD’s released by Hollywood Edge.  To say these changed everything as to Thunder recordings is a serious understatement.  There have largely been very few sound library releases that radically reshaped the sound community – Peter’s Signature Series was certainly one of them – and it was, and still is the gold standard for the library category – as good as it was in its 44.1kHz / 16-bit ‘glory’, this new new release of the material is a significant refinement of that corpus – this largely due to Peter’s obsessive passion in creating the most perfect representations of these amazing recordings.  I won’t go into too much detail on how the post production process sets these recordings apart from their earlier versions, but I will say that the lifelike detail in the new collection is something you will not have experienced before – Peter captured the true spirit of these events which is quite extraordinary.  The frequency response is incredible, and Peter’s commitment to only using 32-bit floating point file formats makes these truly extraordinary.

As to details, the library has 102 files, which weigh in at about 3.3 gigabytes and the content here is something that will be used extensively by anyone doing creative sound design.

A last word – it is VERY special…”

– Charles B. Maynes; Sound Effects Designer and Master Recordist

“If you’ve heard thunder in a movie in the past 25 or so years there’s a good chance it was recorded by Peter Michael Sullivan.  Those recordings were part of the Signature Series put out by The Hollywood Edge, a ubiquitous sound effects library that just about every post sound house had a copy of.  Peter is an expert sound recordist who managed to sonically capture an array of lightning strikes that could provide the storm hungry sound effects editor with enough variety for an entire career.

But, as Peter himself would admit, they weren’t perfect.  At least not to the standard that he himself had set (it’s not like you can predict a lightning strike!)  The recordings had their technical flaws, a bit of mic distortion here, too much rain over there… all of which Peter had vowed to someday correct.

Well, that day has come.  Available on Peter’s website is the newly remastered recordings that were released by the Hollywood Edge plus recordings that due to technological limitations couldn’t be helped back then.  Peter has painstakingly reinvigorated his recordings and the result is breathtaking.  If you design and edit sound fx for film, TV or games this is a must have.”

– Jon Title; Lead Sound Designer of Many Top-Shelf Feature Films (too many to list.)